The QuBe Parking module is used to as a "virtual" hold. When parking buttons are configured on the phone it allows one user to put a call on hold in the parking lot and for another user to pick up the call on hold in the parking lot. The user that placed the call on the parking lot can announce or call to another user who will pick up the call that there is a call waiting on parking button 71. The user will pick up the call by hitting the 71 park button on the phone. The parking buttons will need to be configured on the phone by user preference. The slots can range from one slot to multiple slots / buttons on the phone.

Additional Parking

To create a new parking lot, go to Functions --> Parking. Then you just click "Create Parking Lot", and fill out the necessary settings. (making sure to name it something other than default)

After you create a new parking lot, you'll need to go to Connectivity --> Extensions. Once in here, find the extension(s) you wish to use with the said parking lot, click edit, scroll down to Advanced Settings and add a "parkinglot" with the parking lot name in "value". IMPORTANT: The parking lot selected (in the "value" section of advanced settings) must be all lowercase no matter the capitalization of the parking lot created.