• Video Length:2:12
  • Published:6 March 2017
  • Module Location: Functions > Voicemail

Text Tutorial

The QuBe Voicemail module allows you to manage all basic configurations of voicemail for individual extensions. Enable voicemail messages to go to email along with changing the voicemail account password.

System Usage

  • Edit voicemail settings or view voicemail settings by clicking the edit button next to the corresponding extension
  • Enable
    • Check box to enable voicemail settings on extension
  • Password Required From Same Extension
    • Check the box to require the user to enter their password when *97 is dialed
    • This option does not apply to *98
  • Email
    • Enter email address to receive voicemail message notifications to email
  • Email Attach
    • Check box to attach .wav voicemail message files to the email address entered above
  • Play CID
    • Enable to read back telephone number before playing voicemail
  • Play Envelope
    • ​Enable to play date and time before playing voicemail
  • Delete Listened
    • ​Enable to remove already listened voicemails from PBX
    • If ENABLED it is highly recommended to set Email and Email Attachment to ENABLED to avoid inadventently losing voicemails from the PBX permanently
  • VM Options
    • This is optional - enter voicemail options, separated by the pipe symbol |
  • VM Context
    • ​This is voicemail context
    • ​It is highly recommended to not make changes to this unless you already understand this function
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
Voicemail Module Screen