• Video Length:2:06
  • Published: 1 February 2017
  • Module Location: Administration > Users

Text Tutorial

The QuBe Users module creates administrators to login to the PBX

System Usage

  • Click the Create User + button
  • Username
    • Enter username for user to login to PBX
  • Password
    • Enter password for user to login to PBX
  • First Name
    • Enter first name to identify user
  • Last Name
    • Enter last name to identify user
  • Email address
    • Enter email address for user
  • ​Groups
    • ​From the User Groups module, select the User Group this User will be included in
    • This is optional however for recommended for managing operator and queue panel users, allowing access to certain modules for users, and more.
  • ​Admin Access
    • ​Check box if user will have all admin privileges
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
Users Module Screen