• Video Length:6:06
  • Published:6 April 2017
  • Module Location: Functions > Time Rules

Text Tutorial

The QuBe Parking module is used to as a "virtual" hold. When parking buttons are configured on the phone it allows one user to put a call on hold in the parking lot and for another user to pick up the call on hold in the parking lot. The user that placed the call on the parking lot can announce or call to another user who will pick up the call that there is a call waiting on parking button 71. The user will pick up the call by hitting the 71 park button on the phone. The parking buttons will need to be configured on the phone by user preference. The slots can range from one slot to multiple slots / buttons on the phone.

System Usage

  • Click the Create Time Rules button
  • Description
    • Enter a description to identify the time rule

Non-Periodical Time Rules
Non-periodical rules will override periodical rules. Non-periodical rules are used for holiday dates or last-minute closures.

  • Date and Time to Start
    • Enter the date and time to start the time rule
  • Date and Time to Finish
    • Enter the date and time to finish the time rule

Periodical Time Rules
Periodical rules are used for daily hour time set and will be overridden by non-periodical rules.

  • Start time
    • Enter the time to begin the time rule
  • End Time
    • Enter the time to end the time rule
  • Week Days
    • Enter the week day to apply the start time and end time periodical time rule
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
Time Rules Module Screen