• Video Length:5:32
  • Published:1 February 2017
  • Module Location: Functions > Ring Group

Text Tutorial

The QuBe Ring Group module is used as a destination within the call flow to allow multiple extensions to ring and have the ability to pick up the incoming call. The ring group features include the ability to list internal extensions as well as external numbers in the follow me list. All numbers in the follow me list will ring depending how you select the ring strategy. The ring group is assigned an internal extension number for the ability to dial if a caller wants to reach one of the users in the follow me list.

System Usage

  • Click the Create Ring Group button
  • Enabled
    • Check the enabled box
  • Ring Group Extension
    • Assign a unique extension number to dial this ring group
  • Ring Group List
    • Enter a list of extensions and/or phone numbers to ring when caller goes to ring group
  • Ring Strategy
    • Ring All - Call all parties in the list simultaneously
    • Hunt - Call the first party in the list; then the first and second; then the first, second, and third, etc.
  • Ring Time
    • Set the amount of time in seconds to ring the ring group list numbers
  • Announcement
    • ​Select an announcement to play to the caller before beginning to ring the ring group list
  • Play Music on Hold
    • Check this box if you want to enable music on hold
  • Music on Hold Classe
    • ​Select the file to play if music on hold is enabled
  • CID Prefix
    • ​Add a CID prefix to prepend to the original caller ID
  • CID Forward Mode
    • ​This decides how to handle caller ID with ring group calls
  • Fixed CID
    • ​This allows setting a fixed CID value
  • No Answer
    • Select the type of destination to route the call if no answer
  • Destination
    • ​Select the specific destination to route the call if no answer
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
Ring Group Module Screen