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Text Tutorial

The QuBe Recording Reports allows recorded calls to be listed in the report for the PBX admin to manage. The report was built to clearly identify recorded calls by record type, time of call, duration, and description. The recording report allows you to play the recordings from the PBX without having to download multiple files. If you choose to download click the download button to save the recording to your computer.

System Usage

  • File Name
    • The file name the system identifies the recording by
  • Record Type
    • The particular module this recording was tracking
  • Record Time
    • The time stamp of when the recording began
  • Duration
    • The total amount of time the recording lasts
  • Description
    • Information about where the call came from and where it went
  • Play Record
    • Listen to the recording, see the duration, and adjust the volume (Fig. 1)
  • You can also download the recording by using the icon on the last column
Recording Reports Module Screen
Figure 1