• Video Length:2:43
  • Published:3 February 2017
  • Module Location: Administration > Recordings

Text Tutorial

The QuBe Recording module is used to upload recordings to the PBX to be used as announcements in other modules. Recordings can be uploaded to the PBX from this module or recordings can be recorded directly from this module and from a phone registered to the PBX.

System Usage

  • Click the Record From Extension button
  • The PBX will call the extension you enter to record from
    • Your Extension
      • Enter the extension number the PBX will call
    • File Name
      • Enter a file name to save the recording as
  • Click the Submit button. The PBX will call the extension
  • Answer the call and begin recording after the prompt. Hang up or press pound when finished (Fig. 1)
  • Press the play button to listen to the recording (Fig. 2)
  • Click Save Recording, or Cancel to record again
  • Click the Upload File button
  • Recording must be uploaded to the system before you can create the recording
    • Name
      • Name the recording
    • Click the Choose File button to upload recording from computer
  • Click Submit to save the recording to the PBX
  • Click the Create Recording button
  • Create a recording file which will play an uploaded recording or multiple uploaded recordings
  • Name
    • Name the recording
  • Description
    • Enter a unique description of the recording
  • Add the uploaded recording file saved on the PBX
  • Click Add More + to add additional recordings to sound when this record file is active
Users Module Screen
Fig. 1
Fig. 2