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  • Module Location: Operator > Queue Admin

Text Tutorial

The QuBe Queue Admin module is used to visually manage the users in a queue. The Queue Admin module lists active calls and which queue the call(s) entered. Members / Users are listed by extension number and which queue it is a part of.

System Usage

  • Members
    • Listed in the members section are all the other agents in the queue that the specified extension is in
  • Calls in Queues
    • This section shows the number of active calls in the specified queue that the extension is also listed in
  • Active Calls
    • This section shows the active calls with both the member and the caller, which queue the call is in, and the amount of time the call in the queue has been active
  • Queue List
    • ​Callers in Queue
    • Callers Logged In
    • Callers' Talk Time
    • Callers' Longest Hold
    • Caller Available
    • Caller Hold Time
Queue Admin Module Screen