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Text Tutorial

The QuBe Operator Panel is built in and is included a no extra cost. Typically features like this in other graphical PBX software packages are at an added cost and difficult to install. We have removed the stress of getting a fully functioning operator panel working right from the start.

System Usage

  • Extension
    • Color Identifier​​
      • All extensions in red are not registered
      • All extensions in green are registered
  • Line
    • Line one and line two show the active lines
  • Voicemail
    • The mail icon on the top right of each user show if there is an active voicemail message.  
      • Blinking indicates new messages
      • Solid indicates no message however you can drag and drop an active call into the voicemail of the users
  • Trunk List
    • The list of all IP trunks in the PBX
  • Active Conference List
    • The active conferences are listed
  • Queue List
    • Callers in Queue​
    • Callers Logged in
    • Callers Talk Time
    • Callers Longest Hold
    • Caller Available
    • Caller Hold Time

  • Your Extension
    • On the top right, select the Your Extension button to select a specific extension assigned to your user to view activity 
Operator Panel Module Screen