• Video Length:3:43
  • Published:6 March 2017
  • Module Location: Functions > Paging

Text Tutorial

The QuBe Paging module creates an extension number to dial with a group of internal users. When the extension number is dialed an intercom call is placed to all extensions in the paging group.

System Usage

  • Click the Create Page Group + button
  • Enabled
    • Check this to enable the paging group
  • Page Group Extension
    • Assign a unique extension number so users can dial paging group internally
  • Description
    • Provide a description to identify the paging group
  • Page Group List
    • Enter the extension numbers to be called when the paging group is dialed
  • Ring Type
    • Intercom - One ring followed by automatic answer
    • Intercom with immediate answer - No ringing
    • Normal ringing until caller answers
  • Time For Normal Ring
    • Enter the time in seconds for ring time
  • ​Announcement
    • ​Choose an announcement to play to callee
  • Skip Busy Extensions
    • ​If user in page group list is on a call, incoming page will skip extension
  • Duplex
    • ​Select if all parties are muted or all parties are unmuted
  • CID Prefix
    • Add prefix to users receiving incoming calls from the page group
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
Paging Module Screen