• Video Length:1:59
  • Published:3 February 2017
  • Module Location: Connectivity > Outbound Routes

Text Tutorial

​The QuBe Outbound Route module is used to set which numbers based off of the dial plan can be dialed outbound from the PBX. From the outbound route you must set the trunk to send calls to, you can set an override to all caller ID's set in other modules, select the route type, and more.

System Usage

  • Route Name
    • Enter route name
  • Route CID
    • Override Extension CID is an optional route for Caller ID to be used. If CID is entered, this setting will override all CIDs specified except:
      • Extension EMERGENCY Caller ID
      • Trunk CID
      • Forwarded call: CF, Follow Me, Ring Groups, etc.
      • Extension Outbound CID
  • Route Type
    • Drop down the menu to select YES or NO to override the extension's outbound CID to the CID set in this route
    • Define Route Type if emergency or internal. If left blank the route will depend on dial pattern and order of weight
  • Call Recording
    • Enter call recording preference - this will override all other call recording settings
  • Trunk
    • Enter the trunk that will use this route
  • Dial Patterns
    • Enter the dial patterns to determine what number dialed will match the route
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
Outbound Routes Module Screen