• Video Length:1:27
  • Published:6 March 2017
  • Module Location: Functions > Misc Destinations

Text Tutorial

The QuBe Misc Destinations module can be used to create a route destination to send calls to another location, whether the location is internal or external. You can use this module to have calls go to an external number such as a cell phone, or this module can be used to create a destination to use a feature code. Such as, if users need to access their voicemail box from an external phone you could set the Misc Destination as *98. Then set up an IVR with option # to call the Misc Destination - Voicemail which will allow the caller to dial into the voicemail box.

System Usage

  • Click the Create Misc Destination button
  • Name
    • Enter a descriptive name
  • Number to Dial
    • Enter the extension, telephone number, or feature code to dial when the miscellaneous destination is used
  • CID Mode
    • Select the caller ID mode to use
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
Misc Destinations Module Screen