• Video Length:2:23
  • Published:3 April 2017
  • Module Location: Administration > Disk Space Usage

Text Tutorial

​The QuBe Disk Space Usage module was built for our customers who value monitoring their phone system. Many customers have a high call volume and depending on the PBX memory and hard drive space you are using you may need to monitor CDR reports and logs. Call recording is one of the biggest factors we see clog up systems for customers that manage their PBX. Setting alert limits at a certain percentage of usage the customers can be aware and prevent any issues that may clog up the PBX.

System Usage

  • Enable Disk Space Monitoring
    • Check the box to enable the disk space monitoring feature
  • Store CDR for (days)
    • Enter the maximum number of days to store CDR reports for
  • Store Call Recordings as CDR
    • Check the box to allow storage of call recordings in the CDR reports
  • Store Queue Log for (days)
    • Enter the maximum number of days to store queue logs for
  • Store Queue Recordings as Queue Log
    • Check the box to store queue recordings in the Queue Logs
  • Set Disk Space Usage Alert Limit (%)
    • ​Enter a percentage amount, and usage over that amount will alert the administrator
  • Set Disk Space Freeing Limit
    • Enter a percentage amount to being freeing space -- logs and recordings will be deleted day by day until usage is less than alert limit
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
Disk Space Usage Module Screen