• Video Length:2:08
  • Published:6 February 2017
  • Module Location: Functions > DISA

Text Tutorial

The QuBe DISA module is used to allow external callers to dial into the PBX system and make outbound calls. DISA - Direct Inward System Access This module is helpful to those remote users that need to make calls using the outbound CID of the PBX or to not use cell phone minutes to call outbound.

System Usage

  • Click the Create DISA button
  • Name
    • Enter a unique name
  • PIN Code
    • Create a PIN for user to use DISA
  • Context
    • Context to use with dialed number. Default context 'from-disa' does not allow dialing an external number
  • Response Timeout (seconds)
    • Maximum number of seconds call will wait until it hangs up
  • Digit Timeout (seconds)
    • Maximum number of seconds between digit presses when dialing
  • Call Recording
    • ​Enter call recording preference - this will override all other call recording settings
  • Caller ID Name
    • Caller ID name to use for a call from DISA
  • ​Caller ID Number
    • Caller ID number to use for a call from DISA
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
DISA Module Screen