• Video Length:7:36
  • Published:1 February 2017
  • Module Location: Functions > Directory

Text Tutorial

The QuBe Users module creates administrators to login to the PBX

System Usage

  • Click on the Create Directory button
  • Directory Name
    • Enter a descriptive name
  • Directory Description
    • Enter a description of the directory
  • Caller ID Prefix
    • This is optional - the prefix will be added to the caller ID when a call goes through the directory
  • Announcement
    • The greeting played when a caller goes through the directory. Leave blank for a default recording.
  • Invalid Retries
    • The number of entries a caller can retry input after dialing an invalid or non-existent entry
  • Invalid Retry Recording
    • ​Recording to be played when the number of invalid retries is exceeded
  • Invalid Destination
    • Type of destination to send call when number of invalid retries is exceeded
  • ​Destination
    • Specific destination calls are sent when number of invalid retries is exceeded
  • Return to IVR
    • Select YES or NO to return call to parent IVR
  • Announce Extension
    • Select YES or NO to allow user to be prompted with extension name
  • Add All Users
    • Add all extension users to directory
  • Directory Entries
    • For adding specific users to a directory. Select extensions from a drop-down menu to add them one by one to a directory.
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
Dicrectory Module Screen