• Video Length:1:09
  • Published:6 April 2017
  • Module Location: Functions > Custom Features

Text Tutorial

The QuBe Custom Features module was built to allow the PBX admin and users to create custom feature codes

System Usage

  • Click the Create Custom Feature + button
  • Enabled
    • Check in order to enable the custom feature code
  • Description
    • Enter a description for the custom feature code
  • Feature Code
    • ‚ÄčEnter the feature code
    • Feature codes are unique and cannot be used again - there will be an error if you try to create a custom feature code with an already existing feature code
  • Destination Type
    • Enter the destination type for when the feature code is dialed
  • Destination
    • Enter the specific destination for the call when the feature code is dialed
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
Custom Features Module Screen