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Text Tutorial

The QuBe CDR Reports module is used to search through all incoming and outgoing calls in the PBX. The CDR reports show very detailed responsed as well as the call events. If extensions or part of the call flow is set to record the call you will be able to listen and download the recordings in the call detailed record / unique ID page.

System Usage

Records Filter

  • Date
    • Enter the date from and date to for records filter
  • Source Number
    • Enter the source number for records filter
  • Source name
    • Enter the source name for records filter
  • Destination Number
    • Enter the destination number or outbound number called for records filter
  • Account Code
    • Enter the account code for records filter
  • Disposition
    • Select the final result of call or disposition for records filter
  • Duration
    • Enter the duration for records filter

CDR Report

  • Call Date
    • The time and date stamp of the call
  • Unique IDCaller ID
    • The unique ID shows the Call Record in full, Queue Events if call entered a queue, and Channel events
    • The caller ID sent to the PBX
  • Source Number
    • The number the call originated from
  • Destination Number
    • The number the call terminated at
  • Last Application
    • The last destination of where the call ended
  • Duration
    • The total duration of the call
  • Billing Duration
    • The duration of the call that was billed
  • Disposition
    • The result of where the call was accepted or denied
  • Account Code
    • The account code is used to tag an extension for later identification in the CDR​
  • Call Record
    • View the call record when you click on the unique ID on the call record
  • Queue Events
    • If call entered a queue then queue events will display in the unique ID call record - note, not all calls will show queue events only the calls that entered a queue
      • Call ID
      • Call Date
      • Queue Name
      • Agent
      • Event​
      • Agent Name
  • Channel Events
    • The log / event of the call while active in the PBX
      • Event Type
      • Event Time
      • Userdeftype
      • CID_Name
      • CID_Number
      • CID_ANI
      • CID_RDNIS
      • CID_DNID
      • Extension
      • Context
      • CHAN Name
      • App Name
      • App Data
      • Unique ID
      • User FieldPeer
CDR Reports Module Screen