• Video Length:2:11
  • Published:3 February 2017
  • Module Location: Functions > Caller ID Management

Text Tutorial

The QuBe Caller ID Management module is used to modify the outbound caller ID by using a feature code. This module allows you to create a feature code to dial to display the Caller ID when making outbound calls.

System Usage

  • Click the Create Caller ID Management button
  • Description
    • Enter description to help identify the creation
  • CID Code
    • Enter code that will be used to activate this specific CID
    • The code will be used in the format of (CID Management feature code) + (CID Management code)
    • The CID Management feature code is *20
  • Caller ID
    • Enter the CID you are appending to the current CID
  • Dial String
    • The dial string will include the feature code to use CID Management plus the CID code you created plus the destination number
  • Click the Submit button to save configuration
Caller ID Module Screen